We are looking for YOU to join our award-winning scientific team!

Have you just graduated your PhD and are considering a post-doc position in theory of informatics? Science is your passion and you would like to spend most of your post-doc researching on whatever interests you? You are in the right place.

At MIM UW we offer you:

  1. Great FREEDOM OF CHOICE related to what to work on;
  2. Just A FEW or NO teaching duties;
  3. A lot of TIME FOR RESEARCH;
  4. Chance to cooperate with VERY EXPERIENCED and TALENTED scientists;
  5. FRIENDLY environment;
  6. Excellent SUPPORT from our administrative staff;
If you still hesitate, here are two interviews with former post-docs in ERC GRANT  TUgbOAT.
Watch a video and find out more about benefits of working at MIM UW.
Watch an interview with Krzysztof Fleszar and find out how participation in the ERC GRANT has changed his life.
Adam Karczmarz told us about his experience as a post-doc at the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, University of Warsaw in ERC GRANT.

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