During first week

University e-mail

You’ll get access to your university e-mail (name.surname@mimuw.edu.pl) in a Lab Com, room 2260, on your first day of work. For business matters use this e-mail only. If you would like to have other alias, ask Lab Com Manager (MichaƂ Bassa, room 3010, 2nd floor; m.bassa@mimuw.edu.pl).

You can also create your own University of Warsaw e-mail account using Gmail to contact students and other employees. Step-by-step instructions are avaiable here.

IMPORTANT: Update your mailing address at faculty HR office to ensure that you will receive timely communications from faculty and central university offices.

Electronic Employee Card (ELP)

Every University of Warsaw employee can get an Electronic Employee Card, no matter his/her form of employment. With an Electronic Employee Card, you will be able to:

  • encode public transport card on it
  • pay for parking
  • use BUW (University library)
  • enter the University of Warsaw Botanic Garden
  • use University of Warsaw sport centers.

You can obtain an ELP at the secretary office of the relevant institute (room 4660, 3rd floor)